Mangrove Cay, Andros

Remote Mangrove Cay is sandwiched between two sea-green bights, separating it from north and south Andros and creating an island of black coral shorelines, gleaming deserted beaches, and dense pine forests. Moxey Town, known locally as Little Harbour, rests on the northeast corner in a coconut grove. Pinkpiles of conch shells and mounds of porous sponges dot the small harbor of this commercial fishing and sponging community. Anglers come on a mission, in search of giant bonefish on flats called “the promised land” and “land of the giants.” A five-minute boat ride takes fly-fishers to Gibson Cay to wade hard sand flats sprinkled with starfish.

Mangrove Cay

The Victoria Point Blue Hole is good for snorkeling and diving, and there are a number of pristine spots sure to please naturalists looking for birds or wild orchids. The cay’s main road runs south from Moxey Town, past the airport, then along coconut-tree-shaded beaches to the settlement of Lisbon Creek. From here, a free government ferry makes trips twice daily (usually at 8 and 4) across the South Bight to Driggs Hill, South Andros.