Deadman’s Cay, South Long Island

The limestone turrets of St. Peter’s Catholic Church and the grace full hills,home of many happily wobbling birds, and the well-protected natural harbor, providing the comfortable anchorage for the ever present yachts wending their way down the Bahamas chain, and you have the quiet natural ingredients

South Long Island

Just twenty miles south of Stella Maris sits Salt Pond, a thriving commercial business section for Long Island’s salt production and lobster and fish processing plants.

Dunmore Town on Long Island offers authentic craft abd artwork stands and centuries-old churches. Named after a plantation-aptly named Dunmore Plantation-you can tour the ruins and relics of the old estate and the former slave plantation house built of limestone. Drawings depicting the sailboats used during the plantation era grace the walls of the former estate which used to grow sisal, cotton and pineapples. The pillars, thought to have been the remaining gateposts to the plantation, can be seen about a mile from the historical estate.

Artifacts and prehistoric cave drawings from the Lucayan Indian tribe-the first known settlers in The Bahamas-were discovered in Hamilton’s Cave on Long Island. Visitors can explore the ancient cave system, view historical cavern drawings, and see the remains and relics of the early history of The Bahamas.

Clarence Town is a peaceful settlement that is very near superb snorkeling and scuba dive sites. Near Deans, is Turtle Cove, which has a fantastic tropical beach and turquoise shallows. This leads to a true jewel, however, just southeast, where one of the world’s deepest blue holes (660ft) turns into the world’s eighth-largest underwater caverns. The vestibule of the aquamarine hole opens up to a lovely Caribbean bay or cove flanked by magnificent white tropical beaches.

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