Acklins/Crooked Island sits about 223 miles southeast of Nassau/Paradise Island. Together, the two islands form an area of approximately 200 square miles in length.

American Loyalists first settled here in 1783, bringing with them slaves and money to start a short-lived cotton industry. In the 1820s plantations were destroyed by blight, ruining the island’s economy. Today, the local economy is derived from fishing and farming.

Visitors will find truly memorable bonefishing, deep-sea fishing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. If you love being surrounded by tropical birds, rolling hills, a coastline with hidden coves and colorful villages, add Acklins/Crooked Island to your vacation plans. Flights operate on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat only.

Acklins & Crooked Island

Acklins & Crooked Island

Crooked Island and Acklins located in the Southern Bahamas are two separate islands each with their own airports (CRI) Colonel Hill in Crooked Island and(AXP) Spring Point in Acklins, but which are only separated by a shallow body of water which is about 1 mile across.

What To Do
  • Crooked Island and Acklins are bordered on their Western Coast by an area of shallow water known as “The Bight”. The area is particularly attractive to bone fishermen and bird watchers a like. A huge area called Turtle Cove on Crooked Island is maze of waterways and mangroves that should only be explored with the assistance of a local knowledge able guide.
  • Charter a boat with captain to explore some of outlying cays such as the “Fish Cays” home to iguanas, and Long Cay, home to a resident flock of West Indian flamingoes.
  • Conditions permitting, you can also attempt to visit Albert Town on the Island of Long Cay, earlier home to 2000 locals. Now the remaining few are the last to appreciate what was once the 2nd largest Anglican Church in The Bahamas and the ruins of the old jail.
  • Crooked Island is home to a National Trust Park featuring on one end the “Marine Farm” which has a few old cannons, and at another site the remains of a plantation home.
  • The Northeastern side of Crooked Island is lined with ridges, some featuring vast underground caves which have yet to be properly explored.
  • Bring your dive gear with you and a local dive master will take you to some great wall dives which you can explore on your own.
  • Weather permitting explore one of the landmarks of this area known as BirdRock Lighthouse.
  • Take the public ferry across to Acklins and rent a car to explore Acklins in the same way.
  • From Chesters in the North to Salina Point one the earliest Haitian settlements in The Bahamas, Acklins has the same amount of hidden treasures to find.
Getting Here

There are 2 weekly flights from Nassau to Crooked Island on Bahamasair (Wednesday & Saturdays) and 2 per week on Pineapple Air (Mondays & Fridays). The flights make a stop in both Crooked Islands and Acklins so it is important to listen to the cabin crew as to which airport the flight lands at first.

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