Congo Town, South Andros

Less the 200 miles from cosmopolitan Miami, yet hundreds of years removed from everyday life. South Andros is a collection of pristine natural treasures including the third largest barrier reef in the world, mangrove eco systems, deserted beaches, legendary Blue Holes, and more. A Haven of seclusion and outdoor recreation awaits the traveler visiting South Andros. Preferred Airport is Congo Town (TZN).

South Andros

The third and Southern most land area on the island of Andros, South Andros is the home of the wonderfully named Congo Town, where life proceeds at a snail’s pace. The Queen’s Highway, lined in part with pink-and-white conch shells, runs for about 40km (25 miles) or so. The island, as yet mainly undiscovered, has some of the best beaches in The Bahamas, and you can enjoy them almost by yourself.

The dozen, tiny rustic settlements that dot South Andros’ eastern coast can be explored by rental cars or taxi tours conducted by one of the district tour guides. A single thorough fare runs the 40 miles from Moxey Town (Mangrove Cay) on various islands of South Andros.

  • Drigg’s Hill
    This settlement looks across a beautiful bay to Mangrove Cay, which can be reached by ferry twice daily.
  • Long Bay
    This quiet village is the location of the trail of south Andros popular Nature walk.
  • Congo Town
    Location of Andros’ most southerly airport, the settlement’s original thorough fare, a beachfront footpath, offers scenic oceanviews. In the village cemetery, history buffs can explore tombstones dating back to the early 1800’s.
  • Long Bay Cays
    Here, on weekends, a vigorous game of baseball takes place in the village park.
  • Duncombe’s Corpit
    This is a convenient rest stop for a refreshment at a local restaurant.
  • High Rock
    The grounds behind the Hill Top Primary School are the site of an inland blue hole.
  • The Bluff
    This heavily populated settlement is the area’s administrative center. The lookout point atop The Bluff provides breathtaking views of the off-lying Cays. Nearby is the highest point on Andros, approximately 100 feet.
  • Kemps Bay’s
    Notable sites here include a boat-building yard where South Andros’ fishing sloops are constructed and the much-photographed conchshell house.
  • Deep Creek & Little Creek : In the vicinity of the bridge to Deep Creek is an ocean blue hole whose darker hues distinguish it from the surrounding turquoise water. Another small bridge beyond Deep Creek leads to the settlement of Little Creek, home of Bair Guest House and Bonefish Camp.
  • Pleasant Bay
    Three miles south of this village is “Slavery Wall,” the remains of a high rock wall constructed by slaves in the late 18th century, and now the habitat of giant white crabs during crabbing season.
  • Mars Bay
    Southern most of Andros’ settlements, in the center of the village a centuries-old well stands in the shade of a giant sapodilla tree. Down at the dock, fishermen from throughout South Andros bring in the catch of the day.