Airport Codes: (NAS) = Nassau Intl. Airport, (GGT) = George Town / Moss Town Intl. Airport
Route & Flight Number Frequency Departure Time Arrival Time Route & Flight Number Departure Time Arrival Time Airline
NAS – GGT Daily except Fri 7.00am 7.45am GGT – NAS 8.15am 9.00am Bahamas Air
NAS – GGT Thu 7.00am 7.45am GGT – NAS 8.10am 9.45am Bahamas Air
NAS – GGT F ri 7.20am 8.50am GGT – NAS 9.20am 10.25am Bahamas Air
NAS – GGT Tue 5.45pm 6.25pm GGT – NAS 6.55pm 7.35pm Bahamas Air
NAS – GGT Thu/Sat 6.00pm 6.40pm GGT – NAS 7.10pm 7.50pm Bahamas Air
NAS – GGT Fri 7.00pm 7.45pm GGT – NAS 8.15pm 9.00pm Bahamas Air
NAS – GGT Mon/Wed/Sun 5.00pm 6.35pm GGT – NAS 7.05pm 7.50pm Bahamas Air
The above is only an indication please visit for an up-to-date flight schedule.
NAS – GGT Daily 9.00am 9.30am GGT – NAS 9.50am 10.20am W estern Air
NAS – GGT F ri / Sun 5.00pm 5.30pm GGT – NAS 6.00pm 6.30pm W estern Air
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