Airport Codes: (NAS) = Nassau Intl. Airport, (TBI) = The Bight Intl. Airport, (ATC) = Arthur’s Town Intl. Airport
Sky Bahamas flights may stop at both TBI and ATC or Cat Island Air & Sky Bahamas may split the flights up depending on the load. We cannot be held responsible for delays resulting from Cat Island Air’s decision to do this, it is beyond our control and is a flight time decision. (Special fares may be available which are lower than the above but are subject to change without notice)
NAS – TBI Mon / Wed / Fri 1.00pm 1.35pm TBI  – NAS 1.50pm 2.25pm Western Air
NAS – TBI Sun 12.00pm 12.30pm TBI – NAS 1.00pm 1.30pm Western Air
Specials terms & conditions apply! Flights are currently not operating into Arthur’s Town, but guests staying in the North of Cat Island can still get there by taxi. (An additional 35 minute taxi ride should be considered)
Flight numbers, times & routes are only an indication to better assist you with your vacation plans. All schedules, times and routes are subject to change without notice. Majestic Holidays Ltd., Majestic Tours Ltd. & its partners do not assume any liability for changes in flight schedules, delays or cancellations of flights or any inconveniences caused as result of the use of the information above. Other booking related policies & information can be found in our Terms & Conditions section.